Wendy Lau

Wendy is a registered yoga teacher who teaches Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.

She was living stressfully as working as a registered nurse. So once she experienced the benefits of practicing yoga, she'd like to share such experience to people around her. She is dedicated to create a fun, happy, encouraging and safe environment for the students to enjoy the practice in class.

Chea Lun

Chea Lun started to practice martial arts since childhood and gained his muscular yet flexible body when he was 12. His first job was teaching martial arts and he noticed that more and more people were starting to practice yoga and this leads him to start his yoga journal. Chea Lun did transform from an arrogant person into a more patient person since he started to practice yoga but it took more time for him to become a better him. One day he was brought to a meditation course and it changed him a lot. He understood that yoga is not about body training only but it's a way of life. He wishes to share the joy and peace that yoga brings to him to all the students.

Ho Ting

Ho Ting practices pole dance for years and she was introduced to aerial arts in 2016. She falls in love with aerial yoga and aerial hoop and is passionated about teaching them. She would love to share the joyfulness of aerial arts to her students by providing a fun, caring and challenging class.

Kelly Lin

Kelly is a certified vinyasa yoga, aerial yoga, prenatal yoga and kids yoga teacher. Like many others, she feels stressed out while living in the fast pace city of Hong Kong and gradually suffered from the disease of urbanization, round shoulders, period pain, insomnia, rhinitis, etc. Those symptoms started to release while practicing yoga regularly. Later, she realize that balance of mind and body is the key to have a healthy life and yoga is not only about body movement, it's a way of life.

May Chu

May is in love with learning different sports and picking up new hobbies. Like many others, her bodywork journey started because of her own injuries and has since then devoted her time and career from cabin crew to full time trainer. May holds multiple certifications in Yoga, Aerial Hoop and Personal Training. She is also a certified Massage Therapist and Reiki healer.

May's enthusiasm is at the core of her teaching style and she strives to constantly refine her knowledge in body movement, control and posture to tailor to the different needs and goals of her students.

Nicole Yau

Nicole is a passionate yoga instructor with a clear focus on alignment. She is good at  adjusting students postures to help them get into appropriate alignment and feel more comfortable while practicing. The design of her sequences help students to improve their strength and flexibility and yet be elegant at the same time. 

Otilia Chan

Marketer by day. Aerialist by night. Yogi every day and night. Otilia started her yoga journey in 2015 when she was suffered a lot from overwhelming work pressure and back pain. One day her friend brought her onto the mat and she immediately fall in love with Yoga. She has completed her 200 hours Hatha-based yoga teacher training with Master Praveen Yadav and also Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in the same year. 


"The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean" - With this brief, Otilia hops to share with everyone the joy, peace and happiness that Yoga brings to her. Namaste. 

Rachel Chen

Born and raised in Taiwan, Rachel moved to Hong Kong in 2011. Her first experience with yoga was during university but found it boring and painful. 

After a brief hiatus, she decided to give yoga another shot. This was triggered by suffering from lower back pain for long periods in her younger years of being an avid skier. 

In 2017, Rachel mustered her courage and determination to complete the 200-hour teacher training with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman. It was during this experience when Rachel found her calling in life - to become a lifelong practitioner and student of yoga, and to spread her passion and knowledge of yoga to others.

Rachel's overall teaching philosophy is for students to learn precise alignment and to feel the same benefits of yoga that she has. She would like her students to grow in their own practice and become  as passionate about yoga as she is.

Yoki Lee

Yoki fell in love in yoga since taking the first yoga class in 2008 and yoga became an integral part of her life. To take the first step to the dream, Yoki has completed the 200 hours bikram yoga teacher training and 50 hours aerial yoga teacher training in 2014 and start teaching in 2014. In 2016,  Yoki has completed 200 hours hatha yoga teacher training and 50 hours yoga wheel teacher training. 

Yoki wants her students can calm the mind, open the heart and know more themselves through her yoga classes.